Film & TV Compliance Solution

    Let us help you navigate the complexities of COVID compliance on your set.


    • Use our SAG-approved protocol, successfully implemented on set beginning July 2020.

    • Our experienced producers adapt protocol to your production, department by department, day by day.

    • Our medical advisors and risk assessors oversee this protocol design.



    • On-site testing for entire cast and crew -  a game changer for set safety, not to mention schedule (rapid results available!).

    • Our medical advisors oversee testing schedule creation, considering Zone A and Zone B, plus training on Zone C risks.


    • Our medical professionals, with HIPAA and OSHA training, are available to serve as your COVID Compliance Officer/Health Safety Supervisor.

    • We interface with your producer and AD team, as well as Health Safety Department to implement sanitation schedule.

    • We host live webinar for all your department heads to learn protocol, get their questions answered.


    Ready to develop your plan?

    Let’s schedule a phone call or video chat where we can discuss your needs. We can help you determine how to get safely back on set. We are ready to advise and assist.

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